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Mommy’s Charms covers your accessories against manufacturing defects and wrong assembly for one year. Excluding BIBS® pacifiers and wooden products (eg. Milestone Cards, Name Cards, Wooden Stroller Tags. . etc).

The warranty period begins from the date of delivery. If you cannot provide documentation indicating the delivery date, the warranty period will instead begin from the original date of purchase.

If your product is outside the warranty period or terms, we will happily repair your product for a reasonable charge.

Our warranty does not cover claims resulting from misuse, abnormal use, general wear and tear, child outgrowing product, damages caused by modifications to the product, or failure to follow care instructions, damage caused by exposing the product to harsh conditions eg. strong sunlight, extreme temperatures, damaging chemicals, too much moisture, negligence, fading as a result of environmental conditions.

All warranty claims require you to have proof of purchase, warranty claim can be sent to hello@mommyscharms.com

If your warranty claim is valid, Mommy’s Charms will cover the expenses incurred in sending new product to your address.